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Charlas en Inglés

Intercambio idiomas

11 ene   Zaragoza


Soy nueva en la ciudad y me gustaría encontrar a alguien o un grupo de gente con quien hablar inglés nivel alto. He vivido en el extranjero por un tiempo y me gustaria seguir practicando el idioma. Gracias.

Hi everyone!! I am new in town and I would like to meet up english speakers and practice the language which I have learned over the years. Thanks!!

Ana01 hello Vicky, I am living in zgoza, I used speak a good English at least not such a long time. Even if you teach or learn a high level language, it is necessary to listen and talk too, frecuently. Just take my name in case there are a few people to... As far as I know, if the group remain this year, there were people meeting on sundays 18 pm in Matarrana Cafe in Caracol Pasaje. Please let me know if you confirm personally. Thanks to hear from you and receive my best wishes. 0 minutos