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miguel lopez-madrazo   Miguel lopez-madrazo, 54 TOP

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fecha 07 ago 2022

comienza 18:00 - finaliza 20:00

Hombres y mujeres de 34 a 54 años

Organizador Nivel 3   157


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Café Laurel, Calle de San Diego, Zaragoza

  Punto de encuentro

Laurel cafe close to El Caracol shopping center.


English debate is a group of people who meet to talk in English about an interesting topic. It is open to anybody... with Intermediate/High English level minimum B1/4th year Official Language School.

I advertise this free event using different avenues and is only one of them so the number of participants you see at this website is not real. Usually we meet around 5-10 people.

Confirm your attendance by sending a whatsapp message to Miguel 630022556 with your first name, family name initials and the words -ZGZ debate-.

This coming Sunday the topic of the week is...


A few weeks ago a mother lost her youngest daughter in a dramatic car accident. Not only a young person died but also part of her mother. That mother will never be the same person again.

How do people deal with grief?

What can we do to help people in grief?

Is Jesus helpful on this matter?

How would you like to die?


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Hi Miguel!, it sounds really interesting!, I will join you this evening at 6, sent you a message, thanks so much!

+3 días

Hi Miguel!! I am interested in taking part in the English Club Whatsapp group. I sent you a message. Thanks and regards, +3 días

miguel lopez-madrazo I lead the group every Sunday but mostly at Canarias, where I live permanently...only when I visit Zaragoza, where I was born and raised, I lead the English Club debate meetings...send me a message via whatsApp to 630022556 with your name, family names initials and the words -Debate ZGZ- so I can include you in the English Club whatsApp will be fully informed about what´s going whatsApp you will know the real number of people attending the debate, not in 2019-12-27 17:14:02